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ALPHATEK Specialty Products, Inc. burst upon the fab equipment scene in 1996.  The creation of Steve and Colleen Kelsey, this quickly expanding company provides high levels of expertise and superior products to high tech and bio-medical industries.


A minority-owned business, we began as a distributor within Oregon, Washington and Idaho, but have recently moved into the international market.


Since 1989, Steve Kelsey has offered consultation and sales services to such satisfied customers as Intel, Fujitsu, S.E.H., Wacker Siltronics, Hewlett-Packard, Microchip, LSI, Jireh, Qorvo, Maxim, On Semi and Komatsu.  What sets us apart from our competitors is Steve’s trouble-shooting ability and vast product knowledge.  They position him as the man businesses call when they need materials quickly, or when the marketplace demands customized specialty items.


For example, Steve has implemented a “grab stock” or “bread man” program that keeps consumable daily use of products at pre-set minimum maximum levels.  With no down time, customers are able to keep their production levels where they want them.


Our belief that “providing quality service to our customers is our top priority” is not mere rhetoric.  We translate it into action with every encounter with every business we meet.  Whether your company needs plastic fittings or clean room furniture; White Knight pumps or KCH pollution control systems, our job is to ensure you receive superior products back by superior service.